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Site Analyst New Key Features

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Here are some of the new key features in Site Analyst;

  • ChartIt! – Chart building directly from the summary screens now available!
  • New Auto Refresh – Completely revamped dynamic refresh for summary and asset screens!
  • Custom Colors  Now each data point can have its own colors for in alarm and out of alarm!
  • Column Editing – Now data point updates can be made to an entire column within any group!
  • Data Point Event Log Logging of data point changes now available for review through a simple screen view!
  • Adding Data Points – Data points can now be added, copied, or moved on the fly!
  • Asset Duplication Assets can now be copied or moved on the fly!
  • Data Logger – Data points are no longer restricted to snapshot history. Each data point can be saved using a custom dead band. Additionally snapshot history can be set to “timed” rather than each poll.
  • Stale Data – New 3 level stale data notification with cell indicator.  This also adds a data change value storing how much the data has changed and the last time data was changed for summary screens.
  • LiveNotes – New notes can be added to each asset and data point. When a new data point note is added and set to Important, a note indicator is displayed for that data point on summary screens.
  • Visual Editing Administrative users can add and modify items dynamically to visuals.
  • Unit Suffix – Each data point has a unit suffix and will be presented throughout the system.  The suffix can be edited at each data point or by column.
  • Data Point Popups – Holding mouse over any data point for a few seconds brings up a new popup showing details about data point.
  • Customer Tags – Called “Soft Tags” in SiteAnalyst, these tags show up in many more places when populated.
  • Data Point Factor – Factor field now available on each data point allowing a specific floating point factor to be multiplied by a value prior to being presented on the screen.  The factor can be a decimal point to show a fraction of the value, or a whole number extrapolating the value from hourly to daily.
  • User Contacts – Each user is now able to maintain their own contact lists for alarms and alerts.
  • Copy / CSV Each table now has the ability to be copied or saved as a CSV file.
  • Enumeration Alarms – Now enumerated values including digitals have the ability to have multiple selections for creating events.



Site Analyst by Site Systems Software, Inc.

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Site Analyst is a scalable, web-based remote SCADA monitoring service that is configured to the user’s personal preference. It gives the user the ability to manage orifice plate changes, choke controls, alarm management and desired security levels. At any desired polling interval, Site Analyst automatically integrates your SCADA field devices and transmits data via the lowest cost communication platform available. Managing and monitoring data, whether from your local, regional or corporate office is possible anywhere in the world. Site Analyst stores raw field data in redundant, highly-secured databases, translates the raw data into desired information, and makes it available 24/7. Information can be accessed through the internet by logging into the software. If a problem occurs between the scheduled polling intervals, Site Analyst automatically sends out alarms to notify the person in-charge, thus, reducing the down-time and production loss.

Please take a moment to discover the Site Analyst advantage in this demonstration video.

For more information please visit our product page at: http://www.sitesystemssoftware.com/